Who am I? And who are you?
What are we here on this Earth to do?
About which things do you wish to speak?
What special qualities make you unique?

What is your purpose? What makes you great?
What wonderful stories can you relate
To send your message to all mankind?
And help those lost ones, themselves to find!

Let’s express our individuality.
Let’s make it plain for all to see,
That each one is unique, unlike any other,
Not one identical, even sister or brother.

Let’s break the pattern of copy cats.
And please let’s stop talking in numbers and stats.
Let’s be ourselves, different from the rest,
And in our uniqueness feel truly blessed!!!



3 thoughts on “Uniqueness

  1. Love love love this, jolly! Thank you for your unique gift you are sharing here, and encouraging others to do the same…we are not a drop in the ocean…we are beautifully, sovereignly, unique! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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