Life is a Balancing Act

Life is a Balancing Act

What is this life, what is it for?
Should we do less, or should we do more?
What makes us lose, how do we win?
To have a good life, how do we begin??

All of these questions can run through ones mind.
Sometimes to the truth, we are so blind.
But it’s time to shift, to change our perception,
And to get ourselves moving in a positive direction.

I’ll tell you straight and I won’t use tact,
Life is simply ~ a balancing act!
A life that’s not balanced gets out of control,
It messes up ~ mind, body and soul.

Forget ‘bigger is best’ but don’t think too small,
Don’t tell a story too short or too tall,
Don’t take too much, but don’t live in lack,
Make it a balance, or you’ll get out of whack!

Eat enough, but not in excess,
When you take that big portion, think about eating less!
Give to others, but I ask you please,
To leave room in your heart to also receive!

Allow others to help you, but don’t be in need,
This is a message that I hope you will heed.
Embrace friends support and give it in return,
Being in balance is the best thing to learn.

The moral to this is to pick such a pace,
Throughout your life, which is neither to race
Nor to shuffle, but to be in perfect flow,
And living your dreams is all that you’ll know.

Life is a Balancing Act

Life is a Balancing Act

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