Rhymes for Special Times

A Few POME Samples

This one is one of my all time favourites.  I wrote it and then recited it at my dear friends wedding in Jamaica.

A Day to Remember

Dearest Erick and Renee,
Today it is your Wedding Day.
Family are all around you,
And friends who are so glad they found you.

We’re gathered here to celebrate,
Many things that are so great.
Your love is strong and will be forever,
It’s something that you’ll always treasure.

You have each other, that’s all you need.
Because of this, you’ll both succeed,
To be so happy through thick and thin,
You are assured to always win.

Paradise is where we are.
Most of us have traveled far,
To witness you start your new life,
Joined together, Husband and Wife.

Now what can the future hold?
What indeed, will now unfold?
I hope for you with all my heart,
This is where all your dreams start.

Love to you, my special friends,
I hope our friendship never ends.
Our MINI’s helped us to first meet,
Nothing could ever be so sweet.


Here is a POME I wrote about a wonderful doglet who goes visiting people to brighten up their days!

Gizmo, Wonder Doglet

Gizmo is a doglet with such epic depth.
Small in stature, but high in strong strength
Of character and will power, and love and joy,
He really is one extraordinary boy!

Those who meet him can’t help but say,
Oh my goodness, you just made my day!”
One heck of a giving spirit indeed,
What more could a person ever want or need?

As “Wonder Doglet” he is sometimes known,
And so many friends, they now have grown,
To understand what it is to give.
Gizzy’s example is to give, love and live!

Gizzy, Gizmo, Wonder Doglet,
In my life, I simply have not met,
Any other such creature so wise, yet so small,
You are the mightiest fellow of all!


This one is from an Irish horse to his owner.

Happy Bir-dai too you Bro,
Bestist human oi’ll eva noe
Oi’ve got youu trayned too doo wot oi wont,
If oi want a treet yoo dont sai oi cant

Luv yoo brad, yoo moi man,
Yeah stik yur hand roit in dat can
An give mee treets or oi’ll nok down dis door
Oi’ll keep on hammrin till yoo giv mee moor.

Oi loiks dem toims wen we iz ridin
Dere’s no messin, no decidin.
Yoo jus give me da rane so oi can grab sum grass
Oi’ll neva letcha fawl on yur arse.

Owt yoo go, hav a laff,
Have a few jars on moi behaff
Tink ov mee wen yur celebratin,.
An wen you com bak, oi’ll be here waytin.

This one was written for an owner who had just said goodbye to a longtime canine friend.


Dearest Jackie, she was the best,
So very different from the rest.
She was so special, so unique,
It really seemed like she could speak.

It is for sure that we won’t forget her
Because of her, our lives were better,
A loyal friend, a joy to know,
Darling Jackie, we loved you so.

She found her home with you Terry and John,
What a place to just come upon.
She was so lucky, but so were you,
Together, so much you all went through.

Goodbye dear Jackie may your soul rest,
When you come back we will all be blessed.
Farewell for now you’re in my heart,
Your next life will very soon start.



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