Welcome to Jolly Good Rhymes ~ For Special Times

I offer personalized poetry, written to order.

On occasion, there are times when you would like to say something to a person who is special to you, but you simply don’t know how to say it. Other times, you want to give someone a unique gift. Something that means more than just a gift that the person doesn’t want or need.

This is where I come in. There are so many fun ways to put over what you want to say by means of a rhyming poem. I write POMES. These POMES are different, personalized and unique.

All you have to do, is tell me what you want to say, and to whom you want to say it, and I make it into rhyming verse. It can be funny, it can be solemn, it can be romantic. Whatever you want to say can come over in a specially unique way.

You can have any length of pome, it depends on the occasion . . . .

You can order your unique pome by sending your draft of what you wish to say, to whom you wish to say it, and for what specific event or purpose to rhymesfortimes@outlook.com

It could be that you’re off to Rome
And it would be good to send a 
To tell your love the exciting news,
This is the service best to use!

Or maybe birthday wishes you need,
So give a 
POME for him to read,
To make him laugh and feel so great,
And always he’ll enjoy that date!

Then there’s the day you’re feeling down,
Trying so hard not to frown.
POME’s the thing to turn yourself around,
And all tight feelings will be unwound.

So give a thought to this idea,
You really have nothing to fear,
Just tell me what you want to say,
And you should have it in a day!


I have always found it easy to put words together and one day I realized that it was very easy to make things rhyme, often in a very funny way.

After a while friends asked me to write poems for their weddings and birthdays and I successfully created and recited poems for their special events as well as creating poems for them to read to their friends at weddings and birthdays.

It was time then to share this with anyone else out there who might like to enjoy this fun way to put over ones feelings.   POMES were created.

I am a very active person and I enjoy walking in nature, riding horses and bicycles – anything that keeps me in free forward motion!!  But, I also enjoy writing and writing these POMES gives me great pleasure and fulfillment, so I hope that I can help you say something to someone really special in your life, in a unique and pleasing way.

I also write a blog. Find this at www.jollygoodsense.me


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