Personalized Gift Pomes

I offer personalized pomes written to order.
All you have to do is write down what you would like to say to whomever it is you wish to send the message. Write from your heart. Add everything that is relevant for the message to be complete.
I then take this information and transform it into a unique rhyming pome.

If you are interested in this unique gift,

 please email me with all the details

of what you want in the personalized Pome at


Baseline charges:
Basic Pome which is four, four line verses is $50
Each additional verse is $5

I can offer three types of delivery.
1. Simple email – delivery free

2. Printed on colorful paper in artistic font with simple card border frame – delivery $3

3. Printed and Framed in wooden frame. Frame and Delivery $20


Example of what you need to send and what you might expect to receive.

A Pome request for a sister:

For my sister.

As kids we were close even though we argued. We cried when the other one was hurt. When we grew up we didn’t necessarily understand each other but now I think we do. I realize how much our differences have taught me and I hope the same for you. I know for sure how much I love you and how much I want you to heal and be disease free. Life gives us our lessons for growth in many different ways. If we are open to the challenge of self discovery and change the rewards are amazing. Dig deep and pull through the road ahead. You are here for a reason and your life is a gift to many. I am so glad we are Sisters.

Below is the Pome I created from this:

Dearest Carol, over the years,
You and I’ve had experiences and we’ve cried many tears!
You’ve cried for me and I’ve cried for you,
Sometimes we argued, but that’s what sisters do!

Sometimes we didn’t understand each other,
But our differences helped us discover,
What matters the most, to you and to me,
A great learning process, don’t you agree?

One thing’s for sure, I love you so much.
And I feel that always, we’ll stay in touch.
I hope and I pray you’re soon back to full health,
Please my dear sister, take care of yourself!

Life gives us growth-lessons in so many ways,
Open up to the challenges, and you’ll be amazed!
When you dig deep and pull-through the tough road ahead,
There’ll be less and less hazards and rewards instead!!

There are going to be changes, and self discovery too,
You are here for a good reason. You have much to do!
Your life is a gift to you and to mankind,
I’m so glad you’re my sister, you’re perfectly designed!!


A friend wanted to create a compilation of Inspirational quotes.
Here is the list:

Get up, but don’t ever give up!
It’s not about how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and still move forward!
You want something go get it. Period!
Every day is a new day! Every moment is a new moment!
I am going to show you how great I AM!
Limits, like fears are all just an illusion!
Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself!
Dedicate yourself and you will find yourself!
Dream big!
Embarrass the obstacles! Get over it!
Look for possible, not easy!
Stop complaining, start committing!
Stay focused on where you want to go!
It’s the lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges and,
I believe in myself!
Be yourself, everyone else is taken!
There are no failures just experiences!

Here is the result of these quotes when put together in rhyming form:
Today Poster
Today PDF Version


An Uncle wanted to send good wishes to his nephew who was heading for college.
Feelings desired to be expressed:
1. New chapter of life or meaning of life
2.  Living life as a kid like he said religion (constructs) taking the kid out of everything
3.  Living life and sharing it with family. I like what you also said in your family poem, that family is whoever we love and share life with
4.  May be a quote from bob(don’t let them school ya or even rearrange ya)
5. Maybe the meaning of his name in phonics
6.playing soccer
Ok I will try now to write what I want to express,
dear nephew Emilio, congratulations as you move on to the next chapter of your life you, you are all ways a very special being, very respectful, kind-hearted smiles, with your helping and loving ways.  use school as a tool, you will see it right through, hear the man said, don’t let them school ya or even rearrange ya, feel from the heart in all that you do, then you’ll go through life as the authentic you, Love your family and friends all ways
Remain a kid at heart and play well with others, like soccer it’s freedom and an analogy of life in itself, we play, we take re-spawn-abilities, and we know not to blame or hate, your life is a gift to you and mankind, don’t let fear or any belief stops you from reaching your full potential and freedom, much love, eh too long lol

Finished Product:

To Emilio ~ As You Move On ~

Dear Nephew Emilio, as you move on.
Each chapter of life is a story and a song!
Stay connected to family and friends who you love,
The Stars and the Sun, shining from above.

You are all ways a special Being, respectful and kind.
Your kind hearted smiles can be felt by the blind!
You’re so helpful and loving, always there for your friends.
Your ability to do good, I know, never ends!

Use school as a tool, you will see it right through.
Feel from the heart, be the authentic YOU!
I know there is no thing that can ever change ya,
“Don’t let them school ya, or even rearrange ya”

Remain a kid at heart, play with others through your soul.
Like playing soccer, it’s an analogistic goal.
It’s life, it’s Love, it’s freedom and it’s art,
We take responsibility when we play from the heart!

When you know not to blame or hate, you’ll never be in a bind,
You see your life is a gift, to you and to all mankind.
Continue to be the authentic you throughout this great adventure,
Only fear and belief can stop you reaching your true potential!!

Personal Pomes

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