Something just occurred to me,
It made me check my dictionary|
For the definition of a word,
That at Christmas is often heard.

Every Christmas we send our wish,
So I asked my Dictionary of Current English,
What It is to be Merry, what does it mean?
And what kinds of insight from this could I glean?!

Cheerful and lively” and full of fun,
And “slightly drunk” is that someone,
Who is this merry thing – sounds good to me,
Seems like a way to become happy and free!

Get slightly drunk, and then become merry,
What a great reason for a glass of sherry!
Let’s do this merry thing all the year long,
Eat, drink and be merry is a wonderful song!

Sing it with me, let’s be happy and free,
Let’s spend our days being merry and full of glee!
Let’s count our blessings and love what we do,
And make every moment exciting and new!!

Eat, drink and be merry, sing it with me!
I am so happy, and I am so free.
Every day is a gift and a joy to behold,
Each experience in life can turn into gold!

I had some sherry, and look what happened to me,
I am so merry and jam packed with glee!!
Sing it with me, all the year long,
Make “Eat, drink and be Merry” your favourite song!!!


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