These challenges are tricky, what are they for?
To me they are just such a terrible bore!
Why do I have them, why all this stress?
I don’t want more problems, I simply need less.

All my relationships are such hard work.
Right inside all of them trouble seems to lurk.
Why am I in them? Why am I not just me?
Why – maybe that’s the way to be-coming free??

I want my cake – and to eat it too!
To be able to do this, what could I do?
I could close myself in, like in a cocoon,
Then soon from all problems, I’d be immune!

I could hide from all people, problems and “stuff”,
When I see challenges coming, I could say, “that’s enough!”
And go back to bed, and sleep the day through,
Is this the solution? – Oh what shall I do??

Then along came some teachers, and they said to me,
These challenges are what will soon set you free!!
Each one is a lesson from which you can learn,
And often from them, good friendships you’ll earn.”

Relationships are there to help you step up.
Keep climbing the ladder, no need to stop.
These challenges are sent out, just like seeds you sow,
It’s simply the best way for a spirit to grow!

Take on these challenges, both large and small.
Realize you’ll be learning – yes, from them all!
Be patient and be grateful for each experience,
You will see in no time, this makes Jolly Good Sense!!!!


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